For Healthy Energy Take This Two Recipes

Ingredient list:

180g (1 whole) beetroot

130 g (2 medium) carrots

260g (2 whole) oranges


Mince all ingredients and add them together to your juice. Serve mixture until smooth then cold. Add any trim that you like.

Helpful Hints: You Can Do Everything The brain is very powerful. Did you know that you can do anything you want, especially if you believe that it is possible? Yes, you definitely can. And I’m here to cheer you, 100% and all the way. Positivity helps a real lot.

Amazing Facts: Wonderful Magnesium Magnesium: Known as the anti-stress mineral, it converts blood sugar into energy. Calcium: initiates DNA synthesis and helps maintain bone health.

The second


Ingredient list:

370 g (2 medium) apples

180g (1 whole) beetroot

70g (1 large) carrot

130 g (1 whole) orange

130 g (1 whole) sweet potato

Directions: Peel and chop the orange and carrots. Dice the other ingredients to pieces. Add the full mixture to your juicer and mix until smooth and silky. Drink when ready.

Helpful Hints: The peel is beneficial The peel of apples, sweet potatoes and carrots is beneficial. Many nutrients can be absorbed in the shell. Just make sure they are well washed first. Unreal shell!

Amazing Facts: Sweet sweet potato with low GI sweet potatoes are great. They have a low GI, which allows the energy to be released to the body over a longer period of time. This is a great way to keep your blood sugar levels in balance.